Pneumatic Picket Post Driver pn:PPDPD102

This air tool has been proven on the harsh terrain of Central Australia building long strained fencing in record time. It will drive star posts through bitumen, shale & black soil surfaces as well as ironstone and sandstone.

It is easily dismantled for servicing, oiling and replacing the striking dolly.

Drives BHP Star Posts & Trellising Posts with ease. Also drives timber posts and tubular posts with additional attachments. Comes with a spare striking dolly, allen key, quick release coupling & 12mm brass tail.


Driver comes with:

standard 54mm guide
striking dolly in the driver plus spare striking dolly
quick release coupling & hose clamp to connect hose to driver
12mm brass tail & hose clamp to connect hose to compressor
spare grub screws, lock nuts & allen key

Used for driving in steel fencing posts, trellising posts, plastic posts, timber stakes, 2”, 3”, 4” and 5” round or square pine posts into pre-augered or water speared holes or VERY SOFT ground. To drive 2” to 5” water pipe a high tensile plug must be used in the top of the pipe and then transferred to the next pipe. Also drives roadside guide posts.

STRIKING DOLLY: There are 2 dollys in the box with the driver. A dolly will fatigue between 5,000 to 15,000 posts depending on the type of ground and how the driver is used. Farmers will probably never need another dolly while contractors will break them after continual use. It is advisable to always have a spare dolly so you can continue to use the driver if you break one.

ADAPTOR DOLLY: The adaptor dolly has a 25mm hole with 6 sets of grub screws to hold any tool you want to make up yourself. This could be a ramming bar, bead breaker, rock breaker, chisel, flat faced tamper for compacting mud brick and earthen walls etc. To use the adaptor dolly, firstly remove the guide then unscrew the retaining nut and replace the striking dolly with the adaptor dolly. Do not replace the guide.

Anti-seize grease needs to be used on the shank of the tool.

CHISELS: Chisels are 1150mm long and fit directly into the driver. Anti-seize grease MUST be used on the shank of the tool.

PICK: Picks are 1150mm long and fit directly into the driver. Anti-seize grease MUST be used on the shank of the tool.

BEAD BREAKER: 38mm long and fit directly into the driver. Anti-seize grease MUST be used on the shank of the tool.

GUIDE POST DRIVE KITS: Drive kits are available for Dura-Post, Ezy-Drive and Smart posts. Other sized drive kits can be made to your needs.

GUIDES: The standard guide supplied is 54mm. Additional guides are available from 56mm to 145mm bore.

PLUGS TO SUIT: 2”, 3”, 4” and 5” pipe. To be placed in the top of the pipe and then transferred to the next pipe.

PICKET POST PULLER: Can remove a star post from any sort of ground including bitumen without bending the post. The operator can attach the puller to the base of the post without the need to bend down. The puller then works the post out of the ground with a straight vertical action always working at ground level. A simple mechanical tool, the puller is easily used by anyone and pays for itself by recovering your posts straight and ready to reuse.

PULLER JAW: Same jaw as the puller, to use on a chain on tractor / back hoe.

AIR HOSE: 1/2” air hose MUST BE USED or performance of the driver will be reduced.

OILING: A very light oil should be used. Automatic Transmission oil or 50 / 50 diesel and oil. Diesel can be used if it is the only thing at hand while working. If heavy oil, engine oil or inline oilers are used the driver will gum up, not perform properly and will then stop. It will have to be dismantled and cleaned.

Use 6 drops every 2 hours when in use.

Recommended air compressors to suit:

For Farmers – soft to medium soils and short runs in hard soils: WP20/70, WP20/70K

For Farmer / Contractors – long runs in all soils: WP27/120 , WP38/120K

Contractors – long runs in all types of soil. Can also run 2 post drivers except in very hard areas: WP38/120, WP48/120 or WP50/120K

Optional Attachments:

Various sized striking dollys and guides
Adaptor dolly – tool holder
Chisel, Pick, Bead Breaker
Guide Post Drive Kits
Air hose & fittings

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 65 × 42 × 21 cm


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