WAW4000 1/2″ Filter/Reg pn: WAW4000-04

WAW4000 1/2″ Filter/Reg pn: WAW4000-04

Having clean, dry air is important for all air tools especially when spray painting. The AW3000 filter regulator assists in removing moisture from your air line which protects your air tools and helps to reduce moisture when spray painting. The adjustable air pressure regulator also allows you to dial in the correct pressure for your tools application.

Important notes:

  1. The filter regulator works most effectively as far away from the air compressor as possible to allow more time for the moisture to turn from vapour to droplets
  2. For completely clean and dry air we recommend a refrigerated air dryer with pre and post filtration



1/2″ Filter Regulator

Port size: 1/2inch BSP
Set pressure range: 0-1.0mpa (145psi)
Nominal filtration rating: 5µm
Nominal flow rate: 2750 l/min
Drain type: Zero pressure auto drain